Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Looooong Hiatus

    Life gets so busy doesn't it? Well for us it has been a very busy year! We had so many things going on that I just couldn't keep this blog updated; but, I am now setting aside time to get regular posts in. 

Why was our life so busy/hectic over the last year? I'll tell you.

First my handsome and sweet husband finally took the plunge and joined the US Military. He has been talking about it for as long as I have known him and for some reason 2012 was his year. He enlisted in February but didn't leave to basic until August. He is now my husband, my baby daddy & my soldier :)  He excelled while at basic and ended up getting the Distinguished Honor Grad award (like Valedictorian to us civilians) for his class. He also did so well in his AIT class that they extended his training and are providing him with more opportunity. So all in all he was gone for 9 months solid. I have been so grateful to have him back!

Now, right before he left he said, 'Wouldn't it be cool if we got pregnant right before I leave?' Well, he called it. Although neither of us knew it when we packed up all our stuff and moved from Orange County, CA to Las Vegas. I didn't find out until Sean had been gone for 3 weeks. I didn't announce to anyone until we went to Sean's graduation and I was already 14 weeks along, and then it was only to family. Facebook didn't get the announcement until I only had 12 weeks left. I kinda liked keeping it unannounced because time flew until I announced and had everyone asking every day how much longer. 

So while he was gone, I was unpacking a house, being a single mom to 2 rambunctious girls & I was pregnant with a very picky boy. I learned at about 16 weeks that I was throwing up all the time after I ate animal products of any kind; so, I had to become vegan. I loved it but have since fallen back into milk chocolate and the occasional cheese. I wish I was better about it but I am not today and its ok. I also had to repack our house while pregnant since the Army didn't station us in Vegas (we had our fingers crossed!).

Our son was born in April and has since been nursing what feels like all the time. We moved in May and I have been working to get our house in order (some days are more productive than others), home school a preteen, corral a strong willed toddler and take care of my infant son. I hope you can understand why I have let the blog fall behind ;)

Speaking of all these kids, the little man is beckoning. Gotta run!!!