Friday, February 17, 2012

Measuring Flower Review

We have another review over on Measuring Flower

She has 2 little boys, one of which was a newborn when she tried the diaper on him.
Go check out her review & enter the giveaway for another chance to win an 
Original Booty in your choice of colors. 

All in all its a pretty good review; 
but there is something in her review that I'd like to clear up:

She said that when her son was first born the diaper leaked at his legs & she thought it was 
because his legs were so small. I was perplexed by this because at the diaper's smallest setting the 
waist measures 7 inches around & the legs measure only 2 inches around. 


Just to give you an idea of how small 2 inches is, the diaper can hold a 
marker in the leg hole when its snapped to the smallest setting.

That's really small.

 So I looked at her pictures again, and found the problem.  

It wasn't snapped tight.

The diaper is designed to be very trim

Our 15 month old daughter weighs 22 pounds & we have the waist snaps snapped to
 the same place that she had it snapped to for her newborn.  The waist measurement at
 this setting is 12 1/2 inches ~ 5 inches larger than the smallest setting. 

It makes a HUGE difference!

 Here is our Sweet Baby A, 
notice her waist snap placement:

Here is the picture of Measuring Flower's adorable newborn, 
notice his waist snap placement:

If you don't snap the waist tight it will 
cause the legs to measure larger 
& you could end up with a leak.

For more information about sizing your Original Booty to fit your baby, 
please click here.

To contact & hire the photographer who took the 
Night Night Booty diaper picture, click here.

To contact & hire the photographer who took the pictures 
of our daughter & the button for the lifetime giveaway, click here.


  1. Shanni, will you put up a tutorial/overview of the diaper so that we can see it in action? I have only seen pictorial reviews and really want to see a video. I'm dying for Dirty Diaper Laundry to post a review too. I think a video would help out a lot of people. I'm intrigued by Booty Buns to the point of obsession, and I think a video would give me and others the final push to make that purchase of one or more dipes!

    1. I am super busy this weekend, but I promise that I will work on a video & get it posted in the very near future!

  2. The diaper also comes with a cotton flannel liner. In my opinion, its perfect for the child. I think every people like to this for a child. It is interesting post.

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  3. This would have been perfect for my skinny son when he was a newborn!