Monday, September 8, 2014

Real Diaper Week: Day 6

*I was just cleaning out my drafts & noticed this scheduled post never posted. Sorry for the delay. *

Since Booty Buns Cloth Diapers decided to co-host the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012, so many cool things have happened! I am so grateful to take part in such an amazing experience & help educated people about cloth diapering.

Real Diaper Week is the week right before the big event {April 21, 2012}. Everyday between April 16 & 21 there will be a new topic to blog about to help get our readers pumped for the record breaking event. If you want to blog during the Real Diaper Week, click here & add your blog to the linky, then pick a topic {or all of them} and start writing!

If you are in Orange County & would like to join us, please email Rose at {rose (at) rosieposiebaby (dot) com} with your name, your baby's name & baby's height. Even if you don't live in Orange County, CA you can still participate! Click here & search for a host near you. Just type in your zip code & look for some where to join in.

Today's Topic is:
 Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012 – Attend and invite a friend to a local GCDC event!

Get up early & head out to your local host!! Make sure you leave the house early enough to be on time; because if you're late, your cloth diaper change wont count towards the final count for Guinness Book of World Records!!!

We will be at Rosie Posie Baby in Anaheim!
423 S. Brookhurst St
Anaheim, CA 92804


Make sure you take lost of pictures & share them on your Facebook, Twitter, Google + and your blogs! If you use a Booty Buns Cloth Diaper for the event, email us the picture, we'd love to see it!!

Leave a comment below telling us what you thought about the event & if you'll be participating next year. 


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