Saturday, May 19, 2012

lil' squirts Sponsor Spotlight & Review

lil' squirts

If you're anything like me, breastfeeding is messy.  I am a mother of two crazy kids and also work as a doula -- which is a birth companion, if you're unaware.  (And if you'd like to know more about that, I've got a little doula blog with all sorts of information:   I've got a little experience with breastfeeding and all that goes with it.
Unfortunately, leakage is something that almost always comes with it.  Some have it only at the beginning, and some have it the whole way through.  With my first, I started buying throw-away nursing pads purely for lack of knowing any better.  But the money began to add up as I realized I was one of those blessed few to experience leakage throughout my entire nursing experience.  And so I did a little searching, and much to my relief, I discovered re-useable nursing pads.

And these "lil' squirts" are great.  They are significantly cuter than any I've seen, and you'll be surprised how much happier you'll feel slipping something slightly adorable & comfortable into your bra verses the basic blah you'll find anywhere else. 

These are also massive.  It's really useful in soaking up everything possible, keeping your bras drier, and your shirts less ... spotty.  
Then of course, I couldn't do a real review on these without mentioning this great little tidbit:  they make your boobs bigger.  Who doesn't want that? 
Turns out nursing has more perks for yourself than you'd think.
And these lil' squirts will do a lot to improve your experience. Each one is made from 4 layers of flannel and a layer of soft fleece. They are way more comfortable than the throw-away ones I used the first go 'round.
Buy lil' squirts here
$12.99 for a set of 3 pairs 
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  1. I like that they are made of flannel and fleece, rather than something like PUL which facilitates growth of icky things.

  2. I love that they are re-usable (saves money) and they look super soft and WAY more comfortable than diaposables... they are also super cute!

  3. I like the cute patterns and that they are soft and comfortable.

  4. I like the cute prints and the very reasonable price

  5. I love how cute they are! And they are a really great price. What a neat product.

  6. I like that they are reusable and a good price.

  7. It's hard to choose a reason... but I think I like that they are reusable... I have used disposable ones for my first baby and I felt horrible every time I had to throw them out... this is a great idea!

  8. I like these are more comfortable than the disposables - anything for comfort with a newborn!

  9. I love that when using these, you're putting soft fabric next to your skin instead of nasty plastic! :)

    ~ Danialle Meyers

  10. Reusable is always a winner for me. The mesh bag to launder (pictured on Etsy) is a great idea too!