Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cloth Wipes + Simple Solution

I am not sure why, but when we first started using cloth diapers, I was nervous about using cloth wipes. I can't think of any good reason why, maybe I was just scared of trying something new. Needless to say, for the first several months we used disposable wipes, mostly because we had a stockpile of them, but also so I could stay in my comfort zone. Anyways, we sometimes left the wipes in the diapers & I would have to sort them at the washing machine. After so long, I decided that I need to venture into the unknown, well at least unexplored in our house & stop sorting diapers from disposable wipes!

And oh my wow! I love cloth wipes!!!! I noticed that our baby is so much easier to clean up & we've only had a couple of times we needed more than one wipe. I can't believe I didn't start using cloth wipes sooner!

I was also a little concerned about what solution I should use for the cloth wipes. When I scoured the internet for an answer I ran into way too many recipes and most of them call for enough things to deter me.  I decided that to in order to be time & cost effective I would make my own simple solution & go from there. I told myself that if she had any problems with it, I would use one of the recipes online. 
Since she responded so well I decided that I would share 
this oh so simple solution with all of you . . .

Are you ready for it???

OK, here goes:

1-2 ts {or 2 pumps} of baby shampoo
4-5 C warm water

Put the shampoo in a 4-5 container {like the ones used in food storage}, then fill with warm water.

Easy peasy!

The water eventually turns room temp or colder; so, I soak the wipe in the solution, then put it on a plate in the microwave for 15 seconds. Since some microwaves vary, the time may vary as well. The cloth will cool pretty quickly if you have it open & unfolded, so don't worry if its a little hot coming out.  We don't own a wipes warmer, but you might be able to use this solution in one of those. I think you'd just have to keep it in a disposable wipe case.  

My husband, however, doesn't even bother warming it up & the baby doesn't seem to notice.  So, warming the wipe maybe an unnecessary step ;)

***Please test the temp before using on your baby!!***


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