Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sorry About My Absence

Hi Everyone!!!

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. I was informed by my attorney that I needed to stop promoting my diapers until my patent was submitted. 

But. . . 

Its in!! Yay!! 

If you check out our website, you can see the world's first truly one size cloth diaper. It will fit as small as 3 pounds to as large as 45 pounds; thus, eliminating the need to buy multiple sizes or disposables to fill in the gap where other CD don't fit. 

As a mommy of 2, I want to save money & I know that most of us out there do to. So that is why I've done all I can to keep our costs low.  Check out the comparison chart on our website to see how much you are really spending on other brands when you have to buy multiple sizes. Also, keep in mind that we are the only CD brand that offers 2 inserts {1 newborn & 1 large size} and a 100% cotton flannel liner with each diaper. AND, we are also the only brand who will give one CD to a baby in need across the globe for each CD we sell. 

So. . .

Really,  for less than the price of buying one set of our competitors, you are buying 2 sets ~ 1 for your baby & one for a less fortunate baby in a third world country. And, each diaper will come with 2 inserts & a 100% cotton flannel liner!

Check out the website!!!



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